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In the late 1800′s, Minneapolis was a boomtown. Railroads made it the transportation hub of the northwest. Great fortunes were made in the lumber, milling and real estate industries. Many wealthy, prominent families settled in what is now the Loring area. The creation of Central Park then (now Loring Park) in 1883, only enhanced the area’s beauty and reputation. It became known as the neighborhood for the extremely well-to-do, a distinction it held for many decades.

The park and the neighborhood have since been renamed for Charles Loring, a flour-mill tycoon best known for his tireless advocacy for the preservation of public land. For that, he earned the moniker “father of the Minneapolis park system.”

The Loring Park area retains the afterglow of that bygone era and is still valued by current residents for its quality of life, cultural richness and proximity to downtown.